Exceptional execution. Trusted advisors.

OverNorth connects top-tier executives with world-class companies

Today's leading organizations recognize that recruiting the right leadership is critical to continued success, growth, and attracting talent. An experienced team of accomplished search professionals, OverNorth is dedicated to recruiting exceptional talent for our clients. Clients expect, and we deliver, a customized, laser-focused approach to each engagement.  

A team of highly regarded senior search consultants, we are proud of our individual and collective reputations of conducting exemplary search work through our talent assessment skills, business acumen, responsiveness, and open communications.

OverNorth is a retained senior executive recruitment firm, fully dedicated to partnering with its clients to recruit candidates who are in alignment — both from a cultural and skills perspective — with the client's human capital and strategic goals and objectives.

We are like-minded in our commitment to operating a firm known for its integrity, exceptional search execution, and client service.