As a boutique executive search firm, size and focus mean fewer off-limits restrictions, which translates to a larger pool of potential candidates. Search firms do not recruit from their clientele, so we intentionally limit the number of clients in any one industry. Our commitment is to identify and present highly qualified candidates, which can only be accomplished by having full access to the marketplace.


Representation matters, especially when it comes to executives. We are committed to helping clients increase their diverse leadership within their organizations. From OverNorth's inception, 90% of our assignments included a gender, ethnically or racially diverse finalist candidate; and 46% of our successful candidates were gender, ethnically or racially diverse.

Casting a Wide Net

Why OverNorth

OverNorth is a certified Women Business Enterprise by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation's largest third-party certifier of business owned and operated by women. 

Candidates Stay

It All Happens Here

Clients Stay

The search process, from research to candidate development to candidate offer, is conducted exclusively by OverNorth professionals. And, there is always a minimum of two team members dedicated to each assignment. Clients have our full attention - OverNorth's singular offering is executive search.​

Women-Owned Business

One of the ways OverNorth measures success and client satisfaction is through repeat business. Starting with one assignment, over 84% of our clients have retained us for additional searches.

Close collaboration with clients and thorough candidate assessment, with special emphasis on culture fit, has its rewards. Since the inception of OverNorth, 99% of our successful candidates have been in their positions for a minimum of one year, and 89% have surpassed the two-year mark.