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Senior Executive Recruitment 

Exceptional execution. Trusted advisors.

And it all happens here with precision – industry studies, people research, prospect identification, relentless pursuit of the culturally aligned ideal candidate, deep candidate assessment, thorough referencing, and always with frequent communications with the client.

 OverNorth’s team of experienced and senior search professionals is committed to recruiting exceptional talent for our clients. We are like-minded in our commitment to operating a firm known for its integrity, exceptional search execution, and client service.

Clients expect, and we deliver, results.

It all happens here

The search process, from research to candidate development to candidate offer, is conducted exclusively by OverNorth professionals.

We conduct extensive and rigorous interviews with top candidates, always through in-person or video meetings, and the client receives a detailed summary outlining career accomplishments (and missteps), competencies, cultural fit, and watch-outs.


There is always a Partner and a minimum of two team members dedicated to each assignment. Clients have our full attention - OverNorth's singular offering is executive search.​

Guarantee - with no strings

We take our work seriously, and that means recommending only candidates who have demonstrated the capabilities and willingness to succeed and where there is strong evidence of cultural alignment. Our track record is proof of our capabilities.

If a candidate is terminated during the first year of employment or resigns for any reason, we will conduct the assignment again and charge only direct expenses.

Since the inception of OverNorth in 2011, clients have tapped into this guarantee just once. 

Diversity matters

According to a McKinsey study, companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. In other words, representation matters. OverNorth is committed to helping clients increase their diverse leadership, and we consistently succeed. 


To date, almost 90% of our assignments have included a gender, ethnically, or racially diverse finalist candidates, and almost 50% of the hired executives have been diverse.

We know talent

Through our collective experience of completing hundreds of assignments throughout the country, we have a broad and deep network of talented leaders across multiple industries and functions.

Candidates stay

Close collaboration with clients and thorough candidate assessment, with special emphasis on culture fit, has its rewards. Since the inception of OverNorth, 98% of our successful candidates have been in their positions for a minimum of one year, and 89% have surpassed the two-year mark.

Clients stay

One of the ways OverNorth measures success and client satisfaction is through repeat business. Starting with one assignment, 88% of our clients have retained us for additional searches.

Casting a wide net

As a boutique executive search firm, size and focus mean fewer off-limits restrictions, which translates to a larger pool of potential candidates. A credible search firm will not recruit from its clients for a minimum of one year, and we subscribe to that commitment.


To assure our clients we have broad and deep access to high-caliber candidates, we intentionally limit the number of clients in any one industry.

Women-owned business

OverNorth is proud to be a women-owned business since its inception in 2011.

About us

We're good with numbers



Returning clients


Diverse finalists


Candidates in their roles for 2+ years


Days guarantee

"Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Vince Lombardi

 Meet the individuals who make OverNorth work:

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Jane Beatty

Managing Partner

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David Hansen


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Kristina Greenhalgh


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Elena Ahuja

Project Coordinator

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Our team


Supply Chain & Operations

Leveraging Jane’s previous management experience in the transportation industry and her 20+ years of relevant search experience, Supply Chain & Operations has been a core area of expertise since the firm’s inception. As the world continues to reel from the impact of COVID-19, having a strong and resilient supply chain in place is critical to minimize disruption of the production and delivery of services and goods in the U.S. and throughout the world.


OverNorth’s experience spans management roles in Continuous Process Improvement, Distribution, Global Trade Management, Logistics, Manufacturing, Procurement, Safety, Transportation, Customs Brokerage, and Truck Brokerage.

Wht We Do


Clients range from privately held companies to private equity-backed companies to Fortune Global 500 corporations. With each assignment, the core focus is to identify and recruit leaders with the experiences and competencies to drive performance and, just as importantly, fit into and strengthen your corporate culture.


We recognize that we become an extension of our clients, and we take our work and representation of our clients seriously. Clients appreciate our dedication, success, and professionalism. Just ask them: 




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Tel: 312-334-9744


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135 S LaSalle St. Suite 4014 Chicago, IL 60603

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